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Thematic Session 3 - Museum and Strategic Development
Cultural development today goes hand in hand with its two economic drivers -- a globalised art market and a vibrant cultural tourism industry. To define and negotiate its place within complex geopolitical histories alongside an international mandate, museum is in search of innovative strategies to grant itself wider agency.
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Parallel Session 3A - The Hybridity of Practices in the Cultural Ecosystem
Adopting practices from different professions and new approaches in the representation of art and ideology, museums are shaping the cultural ecosystem of the era.
Parallel Session 3B - Transdisciplinary Practices of Business and Art
Museum operation and development is getting more entrepreneurial than before. New business model and practices inspire new institutional reinventions as much as a new set of values and ethics.
Parallel Session 3C - Application of Technology in Art Interpretation
The application of advanced technology in the interpretation of museum artefacts creates new meaning as well as new experiences for the public.
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Thematic Session 4 - Museum and Technology
Museums are exploring digital and mobile technologies to enhance visitors’ experience. Initiatives go beyond technology within exhibits and installations, but also include more common uses of tech to create interactive experiences for visitors throughout the museum as well as remote experiences for those who miss the chance of a physical visit.
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